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Spiritual Food
for Thought

Full :60 Sample #2

Your listeners are HUNGRY... for positive thoughts that make them FEEL GOOD.

Full :60 Sample #1

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:60 weekdays 


To get Spiritual Food for Thought for your radio station, contact Tony Garcia at Global Media Services at

303.916.6333 or

About Malone

Host of Spiritual Food for Thought

Malone is the host of Spiritual Food for Thought, as well as the Midday Air Personality and Assistant Program Director at 95.9 “The Ranch” in Fort Worth, Texas. Malone has worked on-air at radio stations all over the country, including KPLX and KRRW in Dallas, KMLE in Phoenix, KFMB in San Diego, and KASE in Austin, and she loves sharing Spiritual Food for Thought with her listeners.

Additionally, Malone is a professional emcee, a voice and on-camera talent, a recovering attorney, and a speaker on both spirituality and effective communication. Malone is positive, warm, engaging, and always has a unique and uplifting perspective to share on Spiritual Food for Thought.

Program Directors Love

Spiritual Food For Thought:

“Malone's 'Spiritual Food for Thought' is like a ray of sunshine in the morning!

We at KFTX-FM in Corpus Christi have it programmed at 8:20am weekdays for the morning commute.

She is very bright and uplifting, relevant, and an inspiration for the day ahead! She is a staple in our programming... our listeners love her and yours will too!”

- Austin Daniels, PD, 97.5 KFTX

Real Country, Corpus Christi, TX

A :60 Weekday Feature that Includes:

  • 5 weekly fully produced, ready-to-load 60 second segments of original, uplifting and engaging content from a non-denominational perspective 

  • Local sponsorship opportunity

  • Weekly ready-to-share social media

  • Customized promos, intros, and/or outros

  • Market exclusivity

  • Barter 100% embedded (no additional loading or scheduling)

  • Manual or FTP server download 

How Do you Get It?  You've Got Options!

(subject to market exclusivity check)

Barter option (no cash required): 

60 second network sponsor(s) spot embedded into segment (so no additional loading required) to run 1x per day M-F 6A-7P

Cash option:

only $34.99 per month 

(no barter, network sponsor or specific run times)

Blue Skies

Listeners LOVE Spiritual Food for Thought

Examples of listener social media comments:


To get Spiritual Food for Thought for your radio station, contact Tony Garcia at Global Media Services at 303.916.6333 or

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